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I offer DONE-FOR-YOU services to compliment your personal brand.

  • Resume - This isn't just a piece of paper with fancy fonts, but a vital document that gives the reader a glimpse into your capabilities - and ultimately a life-changing tool! There's literally no one else like you out there, so why settle for a document that is based on a template by someone who's not familiar with your dreams, your work, your accomplishments, and your unique abilities? Best believe that when you work with me, that you'll receive a comprehensive resume that reflects who you are.

  • LinkedIn Profile- I'll work with you to gain key information about your career history and help you tell that story in a compelling way. I'll highlight your professional reputation and credibility emphasizing key accomplishments. I'll write your profile for you, adding the right keywords in the right places, highlighting what you are known for and where you add value. You'll be left with a five-star LinkedIn profile that leaves a lasting impression. Includes a custom designed header image that highlights your brand.

  • Biography - Having a well-written professional bio is something that everyone needs, but not everyone bothers to write. Instead of waiting until you receive a request to just jot down the first few things that occur to you, invest in a carefully-crafted bio that can help you get noticed, get hired, land speaking engagements, gain visibility, and win you serious respect.

The Process
  • After booking your service, you'll schedule your 1:1 Brand Discovery Session, and complete a questionnaire that will help give me additional insight into your situation and needs. During this phase you can upload your existing documents or anything that you think would be helpful in the writing process.
  • During our session, I'll ask a few simple follow-up questions, and you'll get laser coaching on how best to address your specific personal branding challenges.
  • Based on our session, I'll custom-write assets that reflect your unique brand and attract your "brand soul mate", making you the obvious choice in the marketplace.
  • Feeling strong and confident when talking about what you do
  • You will receive your draft items within 7-10 business days!
If you know that you deserve personal branding assets that are just as unique as you are, book your service today!
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"For years, I settled for a job that didn’t maximize my potential. Dionne helped me see how my skills were a solid match for my next job, even down to the keywords to use in my resume and LinkedIn profile. Now, I get to spend my days doing the work I love and getting paid $20,000 more to do it!" 

~Regina Jackson, C-Suite Finance Professional


"We discussed all things LinkedIn - from ways to appropriately update my profile to strategies for presenting myself as a subject matter expert on the platform. She also helped me prioritize everything into actionable steps to avoid overwhelm. Now I have the knowledge and confidence to move forward.

~Lena Anderson, Travel Consultant

"Within a week’s time of working with Dionne, I secured two interviews, and recruiters are continuously reaching out to ME on LinkedIn!

~Danisha N. Bailey, Edcuation Professional


"Working with Dionne was so refreshing. My brand is now a reflection of who I am and the expertise that I bring to the table. My LinkedIn profile now matches my resume and made me more attractive to recruiters."

~Sonia Hamlin, Marketing Executive