From Crickets to Connections - Social Media Guide 100 Content Ideas

If you are an entrepreneur who is overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to using social media to grow your business, this planner will have you on your way to increased engagement, more prospects, and more customers!

No more worrying about when and what you're going to post...You'll be able to set up your social media content for the next few months with the guide and planner.

Inside this 28-page guide, you'll find:
- Tips on how to change your view of social media.
- Key elements of a powerful social media post.
- How to properly use hashtags.
- How social media can support your business goals.
- Tips to improve engagement and schedule content weeks and months in advance.
- A sample social media calendar to help you visualize how to map out your content.
- 100 (YES, ONE HUNDRED) writing prompts to get your creativity going!

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Dionne Watts-Williams